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Packaging and boxes for removals Milano

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The choice of the right boxes for you removal is really important. If you are not sure about the packaging you need, don’t worry! The following list of boxes (each one of them has a specific use) will help you in choosing the boxes you need! We have four standard dimensions for our boxes, and each one is meant to contain specific objects.

-Boxes for linen: These boxes are meant for the moving of sheets, pillows, folded clothes, shoes, boots and linen in general
-Boxes for books: Used to stock books, CDs, DVDs, magazines and papers. Thanks to their resistance, they can also be used to transport dishes, glasses and frail objects.
-Boxes for folders of sheets/documents: These boxes are ideal for offices. They’re very resistant, and have lateral holes for handles. They can contain a maximum of 5 folders.
-Trunk for clothes: this is generally used to move clothes that you normally leave on your coat hanger, such as coats. After the relocation, you can also use it as a little wardrobe in which you leave the clothes you don’t often wear.
-Pluriball: recommended for the packaging of dishes, glasses and little frail objects in general. You can also choose, instead of it, our “Frail Kit”, which contains sheets of chamois paper, perfect to protect any frail item.

Moreover, on our website you can also choose and order packaging articles such as:
sacks for mattresses, armchairs or sofas for two or three people, Multitasking sacks, felt covers for your furniture, extensible film, adhesive tape etc..



   X 124

   X 182

   X 276

   X 492
Boxes for linen
Features:Corrugated and resistant board...

   X 3.5
Boxes for folders...
Features: Corrugated and resistant board...

   X 3.5
Boxes for books
Features: corrugated and resistant board...

   X 3.5
Thunk for clothes
Features: corrugated and resistant board...

   X 13
Sac for single mattress
Features: polyethylene thickness...

   X 5.5
Sac for double mattress
Features: polyethylene...

   X 7
Sac for polyethylene
Features: polyethylene ...

   X 3
Sac for polyethylene
Features: polyethylene...

   X 5.5
Sac for sofa for 2 people
Features: polyethylene and printed,used for storage...

   X 6.5
Sac for sofa for 3 people
Features: polyethylene and printed sac...

   X 7.5
Frail kit
Features: It contains 100 chamois paper sheets cm,50 envelopes...

   X 22
Adhesive tape PPL
Features: polypropylene solvent Used for ideal tape for closing carton...

   X 3
Adhesive tape PVC
Features: PVC silent resin.Used for: tape usable directly...

   X 3.5
Extensible manual film
Features: thickness 17/23/30 my - available both in rolls...

   X 10.28
Extensible manual film
Height: 12,5 cm used for door and used for door and...

   X 3.63
Pluriball, 10 mt roll
Features: Pluriball, 1 mt. height x 10 mt long...

   X 10
Pluriball, 10 mt roll
Features: Pluriball, 1,5 mt. height x 10 mt long...

   X 14
Pluriball, 20 mt roll
Features: Pluriball, 1 mt. height x 20 mt long...

   X 18
Pluriball, 20 mt roll
Features: Pluriball, 1,5 mt. height x 20 mt long...

   X 25

   X 150
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